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So far, not a single gene replacement therapy has been approved by the FDA. The trial in Italy is closed to new patients. It could be years before any children with MLD will be allowed to receive the treatment in the United States. Burns, though, knows how to be efficient and knows when to say […]

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She is driven by her own sense of need and judgement, putting her own desires as paramount and judging circumstances under her own understandings. As a result she can come off as brash, assertive of herself or dismissive of others. Yet despite this self centred perspective, Haraki holds a strong sense of justice and a […]

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Then there was that Spidey miniseries which reimagined Peter’s early career too that I enjoyed. Plus, I personally really enjoyed the last leg of Slott’s run and it’s generally pretty well accepted that Superior Spider Man was a pretty good run. I know a lot of people weren’t fans of Slott’s run but a lot […]

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We were on our best behavior, which I now know was unnecessary wasted effort we could have been little assholes and he would have brought us there anyway. We didn find out my mom was in the hospital again until overhearing our grandparents talking about it. The doctors told my dad my grandparents that she […]

They supposed to give me my free copy of the book of Mormon

The solution isn’t socialism, but to decry any criticism of our current model and it’s obvious issues as some leftist Armageddon in waiting is intellectually ignorant. Our issues are a result of the unforeseen consequences of pioneering an entire new way of governing. They’re growing pains, and should be addressed as such. I don like […]

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Why scientists are lurking on bears and berries from spaceDon’t let damage to wetlands cancel out the benefits of hydropowerLike, how do I feel about it? Frustrated and concerned that the world is going to become unrecognizeable and lose a lot of the diversity, both ecological and cultural, that makes it so beautiful. Also furious […]

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“The only ones with shelter are ones that take reservations. Not all of [the picnic sites] are close to restrooms. The ones that take reservations are.”. But it also happened in Indianapolis in 1999 with Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James. And it happened twice in the AFL: in 1961 with the Houston Oilers Charley Hennigan […]